I'm Tyrone Ferguson, the owner and founder of SecurityAmp.

As a recent first-time buyer and new home owner, I was quickly overwhelmed with all that goes into maintaining a home - especially when it came to home security.

I wanted to feel safe inside my home and relaxed when I left it unattended for periods of time. I wanted to be able to communicate with anyone at my front door while I was away. I wanted to watch my lazy cat while I was out of town. Also, as a single person who worked all day, I wanted to trust my maid service to let themselves in and out before I got home.

Ultimately, I achieved all of these goals and more by putting into place a number of systems and security practices over time, but this was after spending a lot of time researching physical security, surveillance, and home automation to ensure the safety of myself and my new investment.

Physical security is definitely the first thing that you should optimize when looking to improve your safety at home. Windows and doors - entry and internal - we look at all physical weak points of a home and discuss the best ways to harden them against would-be burglars and intruders.

Home surveillance is an important topic, as it allows you to know what goes on both inside and outside your home at all times of the day. A good surveillance system will keep you in the know about things that happen when you are away or are sleeping. Visible cameras can also be a great deterrent to crime. Certain areas of your home will benefit from these, while other areas will benefit from a more discreet solution. There are also many other factors to consider when choosing security cameras.

With technology ever present in our lives, it doesn't make sense to completely ignore it when talking about home security. I believe that, when used properly, automation and technology can be a great enhancer to home security, and we discuss ways to take advantage of this amplifier.

We also discuss many other security related topics revolving your car, self-defense, internet safety, and many other topics.

I hope that by sharing what I've learned you will find something helpful on this site!